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3 Great Services to Send Really Large Files for Free

Email is great, right? But not when you’re trying to send songs, videos or other large files because popular email services can’t handle attachments larger than 25MB. Of course, you could upload your videos to YouTube and share them with friends, but what if you want to send files confidentially, just like you would through email? Luckily, there are services that let you send large files for free. Let’s have a look at three of them.


filemail makes it very easy to send files. When you land on the homepage, the first thing you see is the send form. Add your recipient’s and your own email addresses, type a message and drag & drop files or folders to attach them. The total size limit is 30GB. When the files get attached, you’ll see a popup offering you to configure some options. You can set for how long the files will stay available for downloads (maximum 7 days for the free plan). There are also checkboxes to protect your files with a password and send them securely. Unfortunately, these options are not part of the free plan.

The cool thing about how Filemail handles sent files is that that one can download them as they are, as a torrent or as a ZIP archive. The not so cool bit is that the email the recipient gets looks like spam because the sender’s email address is the subject line.

Filemail has an impressive collection of apps and plugins for all types of devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) as well as plugins for Outlook and Thunderbird. And if you have a website, you can embed Filemail uploader.

In addition to the free plan, Filemail has a Pro option ($9/month) and a business plan ($15/month).


DropSend lets you send big files right from its homepage and makes it an easy three-step process. You even don’t need to create an account – just type in your recipient’s email address, your email, write your message and attach the files. The recipient will get an email with a download link. The file size limit is 4GB per file and the download link is valid for 7 days. What I really like about DropSend is that your send looks like a proper email from you and doesn’t land in the Spam folder.

If you plan to send large files regularly, you can continue using DropSend’s free plan because the service automatically creates an account for you. Just log in and you’ll have access to 250MB of free online storage, 5 sends per month, an address book and download notifications. In addition to that, you can use DropSend’s apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Plus there’s a really handy Outlook plugin that lets you attach large files directly to your Outlook emails.

DropSend is solid from the security point of view because all sends are protected while in transfer and at rest. The service has a bunch of premium plans for individuals and businesses starting at $5/month. The file size limit for each file increases to 8GB, you get more storage space, and business users can white label their sends as well manage user privileges.


wetransfer has a fun and intuitive interface with helpful tips that make it easy to send files even for complete novices. The send form on the home page is a bit small and the background (the rest of the page) is one big ad, which is a bit of a downside. Still, you can send up to 2GB in total for free. File transfers are quick and you get email confirmation when the file is sent and when the recipient downloads it. WeTransfer has a premium plan, WeTransfer Plus, that offers sends of up to 20GB in total, custom URL and background, password protection and 100GB of storage for $12/month.

Do you know of any other options to send large files for free? Share them in your comments!