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AppleXSoft File Recovery for Mac Review




Ease of Use



  • Fast and easy to use


  • The full price is a bit too high

Data recovery software is something that you should never overlook for one simple reason – without it, you won’t be able to recover your precious files if something goes wrong. And usually it’s only a matter of time for you to accidentally delete a file you need or for something to go amiss with your Mac. AppleXSoft File Recovery for Mac will help you effectively recover your files without any hassle.


There are countless amazing recovery programs for Windows (some of them are even free like Recuva), but Mac users don’t have that much choice. AppleXSoft File Recovery for Mac is one of the most effective Mac data recovery programs out there. It’s fast, easy to use, and can recover pretty much anything.

file recovery for mac

AppleXSoft File Recovery for Mac


When it comes to data recovery, the main thing you should look for is what sort of files can be recovered and what sort of file systems are supported. Ideally, you’d want to be able to recover files following all sorts of disasters, including lost or corrupted partitions, quickly formatted drives, and logical file system damage. Well, AppleXSoft File Recovery for Mac can do all that and more. Let’s have a closer look at its features.

AppleXSoft File Recovery has all the standard data recovery features: it can recover deleted files and folders from your hard drives and removable drives. That’s the standard bit. But what is really handy about this software is that it can recover data from all sorts of file systems and partitions including HFS+, HFS, HFSX, NTFS, and FAT. This means that no matter how your drive is formatted, you’d still be able to get your stuff back.

mac file recovery scanning

Scanning a disk

Another useful feature of this program is that it can recover data from all sorts of media. All right, pretty much all recovery programs can restore files from external hard drives and USB thumb drives, but not all can restore data from iPhones, iPods, and other media devices. And very few can recover deleted files from CDs and DVDs. Well, AppleXSoft File Recovery for Mac can do all that. It even supports RAW data recovery and supports hardware and software RAID. In addition to all this, you’ll be pleased to know that it supports all sorts of recovery methods like Hex Viewer, Bad Block/Block Usage Diagnostics, disk imaging and disk copying.

You can also use this program to securely shred data, which will help you protect your privacy when you decide to sell your Mac.


I had a faulty USB thumb drive tucked away in a box, so I thought I’d try to get whatever was on it back. AppleXSoft File Recovery for Mac worked like a charm and restored all the pics I had on that flash drive plus an old university essay. The thumb drive was formatted in FAT32 and, to be honest, it was pretty much falling apart. What I also liked was that the software was very quick and I didn’t have to wait for a long time to get my files back.

Ease of Use

AppleXSoft File Recovery for Mac follows the best Apple design principles, and has a very clean and intuitive interface. It was very easy to use, so I’m sure that even data recovery novices won’t have any problems with it.

The Verdict

AppleXSoft File Recovery for Mac is a fast and effective tool to restore deleted files and partitions. Highly recommended. Free to try, $99.95 to buy