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Aromabotanical Essential Oil Diffusers Review

Aromabotanical Pear & Ginger Diffuser









  • Lovely fragrance
  • Nice design


  • None

Go to any supermarket and you’ll see dozens of difference fragrances for your home: sprays, diffusers, scented candles and so on. Don’t know about you, but I avoid most of these fragrances because they have are too strong and smell artificial. Aromabotanical essential oil diffusers are different. I have their pear & ginger diffuser, so I’m going to base my review on in.

The Look

Aromabotanical Pear & Ginger 200 ml diffuser has a classical stylish design that makes it look good in any interior. It looks lovely and discreet on either light or dark surfaces (light in my case).

aromabotanical diffuser in living room

And it comes in a really nice-looking box:

aromabotanical diffuser on light surface

The Fragrance

Even the best-looking diffuser is worth nothing if the scent is no good. I fell in love with Aromabotanical’s pear and ginger scent at once because it gives my home the subtle aroma that I love. It’s fruity, but not overly sweet because ginger gives it fresh and spicy notes. Traces of jasmine and rose give it just enough of a floral feel that is ideal for a home where you want to relax and feel comfortable.

The Quality

All Aromabotanical diffusers are Australian made and consist of natural essential oils. There are no chemicals, so they are absolutely safe. They are also long lasting (aprox. 4 months) and there’s no need for a flame.

The Verdict

Aromabotanical essential oil diffusers are beautiful, natural, long lasting and they smell great. Really worth the money.