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Artbreak Review: Share and Sell Your Art Commission-Free

UPDATE: looks like Artbreak is no longer alive.

The Web is full of different social networks. Most of them are for the general public, but there are a few niche ones out there. Artbreak is a two-in-one website for artists and art lovers. It acts both as a social network where people can share and discuss art and as a marketplace where artworks can be sold.



Artbreak is a website for artists, photographers, art lovers and creative people. The website makes it easy to upload photos and scans of your art for the world to see and set a price, so that you can sell it. The best part is that Artbreak doesn’t take a commission for listing your work for sale. No matter whether you are a professional artist or an amateur, you can become an Artbreak member and share your work.


Artbreak homepage


Artbreak is a website where you can display art of any type and genre. Here’s what you can display and sell:

  • painting and drawings
  • photography
  • prints
  • sculpture
  • furniture
  • clothes
  • ceramics and glass art
  • wood and fiber art
  • jewelry
  • mixed media

Basically, there is a category for everything.

If you are familiar with Pinterest and Facebook, then you won’t have any problems using Artbreak because it’s very similar. You can Like other people’s art, mark them as favorites, there is a commenting system called Compliments and you can follow artists and make friends. On the homepage you will find recently popular works, as well as newest uploads, newest members and members who are online.

artbreak whats hot

Popular art on Artbreak

When you upload your art, you can mark it “For Sale” and set a price for it. Artbreak doesn’t charge a commission, but it doesn’t assist you with the sale in any way either. Remember, it’s a listing and not a selling website like Zazzle. You will have to discuss payment and shipping with the buyer yourself. Basically, Artbreak initiates a sale and connects you with the prospective buyer and you do the rest of the work. They do not take any responsibility for the transactions you make. This seems only fair because they don’t charge a cent for listings.

Artbreak is supported by ads, but you can upgrade to Artbreak Plus is you want to have an ad-free experience and if you don’t want Artbreak to display any ads on your art pages. This costs $5/month.

Ease of Use

Artbreak is very easy to use. It works very similar to Pinterest and Facebook, so even novices won’t have any problems.

Does Artbreak Sell?

I’ve been on Artbreak for several months and I haven’t had any sale inquiries. So if you want something more like an online shop and less like an online portfolio, create an Etsy store to sell your artwork. Nevertheless, Artbreak is still a useful website where you can get exposure and communicate with other artists.

The Verdict: Artbreak is a great place for artists to share their work, interact with other artists and art lovers, and list their work for sale. Highly recommended.