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Die Geheimmission des Tempelritters

Buchrezension: Die Geheimmission des Tempelritters von Frank Fabian

Bis heute wurden die Geheimriten der Tempelritter nicht wirklich ausgeleuchtet. Kaum jemand weiß wirklich, welch unglaublicher „Motivations-Instrumente“ man sich schon im 12. Jahrhundert bediente, um Menschen in den „heiligen Krieg“ und in einem „Kreuzzug“ zu hetzen. “Die Geheimmission des Tempelritters” von Frank Fabian ist ein

Betrayal on Tryton eBook Review

Book Review: Betrayal on Triton

I love reading new books by indie authors and there is an author that I’ve been checking out after I’ve read his first book on Amazon, “Omega Zero”. This author is Ryan Henry and his first book was something you don’t often see from indies

Top 8 Business Books For Young Entrepreneurs

Top 8 Business Books for Young Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs tend to be more feisty and risky. They also tend to be very excited with their new business venture and may lack the necessary business know-how to run a successful business. Apart from asking successful entrepreneurs for advice, grabbing some of the top

Glass Dawn: The Adventures of PopNjay Book Review

There are lots of Sci-Fi books about cyborgs out there. And there are quite a few animations, too. This makes it really hard for new authors to create something that not only reads well, but is also a foundation for a fun and interesting animation.