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iPhone EMF protection

DefenderShield iPhone EMF Protection Case Review

Everybody is aware that cell phones and other gadgets we use on a daily basis are not all that safe. OK, they’re a lot safer these days than they were 10 years ago, but they still have EMF (electromagnetic fields) and they do issue radiation,

fujitsu logo

Fujitsu Stylistic S01 Review: Phone for the Elderly

As one of the largest providers of IT services in the world, Fujitsu engages in the manufacturing and development of IT equipment and hardware. Though it has years of expertise in the IT services arena as a whole, Fujitsu is a newcomer to mobile phone

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Primovisto Cool iPhone 4/4S Bamboo Case Givaway

Do you have an iPhone? If yes, then read on because we have a cool giveaway for you! Primovisto, a company that creates amazing designer bamboo cases for iPhones and iPads, is giving away one iPhone case to our Review Harbor readers. This means that


Primovisto Review: Elegant Bamboo iPhone Cases

UPDATE: We are running a Primovisto case givaway. Make sure you check it out! If you are searching for a new iPhone 5 case, you will be spoilt for choice as brands and designers all rush to release their own collections. But what if you