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iPhone EMF protection

DefenderShield iPhone EMF Protection Case Review

Everybody is aware that cell phones and other gadgets we use on a daily basis are not all that safe. OK, they’re a lot safer these days than they were 10 years ago, but they still have EMF (electromagnetic fields) and they do issue radiation,

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Primovisto Cool iPhone 4/4S Bamboo Case Givaway

Do you have an iPhone? If yes, then read on because we have a cool giveaway for you! Primovisto, a company that creates amazing designer bamboo cases for iPhones and iPads, is giving away one iPhone case to our Review Harbor readers. This means that


Primovisto Review: Elegant Bamboo iPhone Cases

UPDATE: We are running a Primovisto case givaway. Make sure you check it out! If you are searching for a new iPhone 5 case, you will be spoilt for choice as brands and designers all rush to release their own collections. But what if you