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TabScanner: Innovative Receipt Scanning Technology

Scanning receipts is a pain in the neck because there is no reliable technology to extract data from them. True, you can save scanned receipts as images or PDFs but what good does that do? TabScanner is an innovative receipt scanning technology that sounds like

Mailwise review

Mailwise Review: A Handy Android Email App

Despite the popularity of social media and messenger apps, email is still a very popular means of communication. According to Justin Jordan, 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Most people today communicate by email at work, at school, between friends and more. And

duplicate photos fixer scan results

Duplicate Photos Fixer for Android Review

Don’t know about you, but since I started using Autodesk SketchBook app my Lenovo Yoga Android tablet quickly filled with duplicate images of my paintings. Add to that duplicate camera photos, edited and not, and you’ll see why I started looking for an app that