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Softros Network Time System Review

If you run a company and use multiple computers, security devices and network appliances, time maintenance problems can cause serious disruptions and even cause revenue loss. Softros Network Time System is a server/client software solution that will synchronize time across all your network and your

Softros LAN Messenger

Softros LAN Messenger Review: Secure Chat for Businesses

Having reliable, fast and secure live chat software for internal company use is something most businesses should have. Of course, a lot of companies use Skype for their internal communication, but Skype doesn’t have a great reputation in terms of privacy and security. And confidentiality

siemens cad software

Solid Edge ST5: A CAD Software Review

The release of Solid Edge ST5 CAD software saw the Siemens PLM team hit two milestones in terms of customer relationship and its commitment to providing the CAD community updated with a constant release of its major product, the 2D/3D drafting tool, Solid Edge. These

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Start Invoicing Review: Easy to Use Online Invoicing

We’ve already covered online invoicing services (Invoicera and Invoiceable) in the past and now we are going to tell you about another useful invoicing service – Start Invoicing. [box]FEATURES: 5/5 EASE OF USE: 5/5[/box] Overview Start Invoicing is a very intuitive and easy to use

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Counterpoint Review: POS Software for an Efficient Business

A lot of small and medium-sized businesses struggle to find a reliable and intuitive point-of-sale software solution. Some business owners we talked to said that the software systems they used were incapable of integrating e-commerce, point of sale, and inventory management.  This incapability resulted in