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defendershield ipad shield

DefenderShield iPad Shield Review: Protect Yourself from iPad Radiation

Did you know that your iPad, the very one you use every day, issues radiation? Every gadget issues some sort of EMF that are not as harmless as we like to think. That’s why getting a case that will protect you from potentially harmful radiation is a good

kindle fire vs. nexus

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 vs. Google Nexus 7

Tablets are taking off in popularity in today’s market. Even devices like the Kindle, not originally conceived as a tablet, have progressed into tablet form with the Kindle Fire and the most recent version, the Kindle Fire HDX. The HDX is offered in a 7-inch

Kindle Fire Review

Amazon Kindle Fire Review

Amazon Kindle Fire is now the best-selling product on So, what exactly is Kindle Fire and why so many people are loving it? [box] AMAZON KINDLE FIRE RATING OVERALL: 4/5 EASE OF USE: 5/5 FEATURES: 4/5 PRICE: $199.00[/box] First of all, you need to

iPad 3

The New iPad 3 Is Here

We’ve all been waiting for the arrival of the new iPad 3. Not it is finally available to the consumers. The new iPad has a lot of amazing features, especially the new retina screen (first introduced in iPhone 4S). The new iPad also has a