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Celebrate Clean Up Your Computer Day with This Ultimate Cleanup Software List

Have you ever heard of Clean Up Your Computer Day? It’s a fun geeky holiday that every PC and Mac user should celebrate if you want your Windows or Apple computer to stay fast and stable. This year Clean Up Your Computer Day is February, 10. We thought we’d help you get started and give you a list that contains the best Windows and Mac cleanup software. So, here goes!

Clean Up Computer day

Clean Up Your Computer Day

Windows Cleanup Software

1. CCleaner – this free all-in-one system cleaner is the absolute favourite. With CCleaner you can delete all sorts of junk files from your system and browsers, fix the registry (if you feel you really need to), get rid of unnecessary startup entries, uninstall programs. You can even securely shred files and wipe free disk space with this cool utility. True, it’s features are somewhat basic, but they cover all basic PC cleanup needs.

2. Auslogics BoostSpeed – if you want more than CCleaner can offer, go for Auslogics BoostSpeed. This amazing program has everything you need to not only give your PC a complete scrub, but it also has tons of other useful performance-boosting tools like disk defrag, services optimizer, Internet speedup plus an array of privacy tools.

3. Easy Duplicate Finder – both CCleaner and BoostSpeed have tools to find and delete duplicate files. But both are kind of basic. If you have a lot of files on your computer, and if you use iTunes for your music, then you should check out Easy Duplicate Finder. It has lots of options to find all sorts of duplicates and works in sync with iTunes and Windows Media Player.

4. PC Decrapifier – as the name suggests, this awesome free utility decrapifies your computer. It’s great for uninstalling junk including pre-installed software that can be difficult to get rid of.

5. Microsoft Security Essentials – if you are not on Windows 8, you need some sort of antivirus software to keep your PC clean from all the nasties. Microsoft Security Essentials works great and it’s free. What more can you want!

Mac Cleanup Software

1. CleanMyMac – if you are looking for a program that can clean up your Mac in one click, CleanMyMac is the real deal. It’s a great cleaner and it has other useful features to protect your privacy and optimize Mac performance.

2. AppTrap – this is a handy free utility that makes the apps you uninstall are uninstalled completely, together wit all preferences and settings. This app installs itself to system preferences and automatically.

3. Desktop Tidy – if you have difficulties keeping your Mac desktop clean, Desktop Tidy will do it for you. This utility will keep your desktop files in a hidden shadow desktop.

4. DaisyDisk – this useful app lets you see whats on your disk, allows you to analyze your content, and easily delete everything you don’t need. A great way to recover disk space!

Bonus: and don’t forget that Easy Duplicate Finder works on Mac as well as on Windows. Alternatively, check out Gemini, another cool Mac duplicate finder.

So, now you know which software to get to truly celebrate Clean Up Your Computer Day this year!