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CleverWritings Review: a Reliable and Affordable Essay Writing Service

Google “essay writing service” and thousands of results will come up. But I wouldn’t use any of them blindly if I were you. OK, to be honest, I wouldn’t use one at all because I love writing. But if you’re really short on time and need someone to write an essay for you (and do it well so that you get a good grade), have a look at CleverWritings.

CleverWritings Overview

CleverWritings essay writing

CleverWritings is a service that specializes in academic essay writing. They accept all sorts of tasks and provide custom, plagiarism-free results written by native English US-based writers. CleverWritings accepts work across all fields of study, whether it’s maths, biology or something exotic like Slavic studies. They also offer a range of other writing services, such as dissertation writing assistance, thesis writing, paper writing, and more.


As I’ve mentioned above, CleverWritings’ services are very versatile. The important bit is that they have professional US writers who can deal with any academic essay or paper. The type of services ranges depending on the price – difficult papers that have to be written by a tight deadline cost more, which is only natural. So, to recap, CleverWritings offers:

  • Custom essay writing
  • Custom dissertation writing
  • Term paper writing
  • Thesis paper writing
  • Reviews, research papers, business plans, creative writing and what not

Pricing and Guarantees

One of the best things about CleverWritings essay writing service is its affordability. Prices start at $11/page (275 words) and go up depending on the complexity of the work and the deadline. The $11/page price is for a high school level essay with a 14 days deadline. A doctoral level paper with the same deadline would cost $26/page (275 words). Check out freelance writing prices and you’ll see that these prices are very good. Plus there’s always a possibility to get a discount – just look out for coupon codes. To get a price quote, simply use their online calculator.

Another advantage of CleverWritings over their competitors is the guarantee they give. First of all, you’re guaranteed to get 100% plagiarism-free work and you can legally use. You have no idea how important it is to have legal rights to the paper. The service also offers a money back guarantee. Make sure you go through their policies, though, because like anyone else, they expect to be paid for their work.

The Verdict

CleverWritings is an essay writing service company worth bookmarking. They provide a good service at affordable prices, have a solid money back guarantee policy, and have dozens of positive reviews and testimonials.