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Cloud System Booster Review: Optimize Your PC with Cloud Technology

Everybody hates slow computers. And that’s why system boosters and optimizers will be in demand until Windows stops slowing down with two or three months of use (just a note: Linux users don’t use any software of the sort because Linux is really efficient). We’ve already covered some system optimizers and now is the time to review another free program that will help you speed up Windows – Cloud System Booster from Anvisoft.




LOOK & FEEL: 5/5

PRICE: [highlight]FREE[/highlight] or $19.98 for the Pro version[/box]


Cloud System Booster is a program designed to speed up and optimize Windows-based computers. The program concentrates on basic and proven speed up techniques, such as cleanup, application tuneup, system settings optimization, and registry repair.

Cloud System Booster Free

Cloud System Booster



Cloud System Booster Free only has four tools – Cleaner, Optimizer, Repair and Application. Plus there are additional settings like Extreme Speedup, Mini Boost, Automatic Update and Automatic Boost . Compared to other system optimizers, that looks like very little. But don’t be fooled because these four tools can do a lot.




The Cleaner tool cleans up all sorts of PC junk. It can get rid of temp files, browser cache files, registry errors, PC history, recent playlists. The Optimizer optimizes system services, Windows startup, configure resource management for optimal performance, optimize network connection settings and even optimize system memory. The Repair tool can fix registry errors, restore privacy settings, fix common file extensions and restore your system to default settings. The Application tool can optimize application settings for dozens of different applications including browsers, office software, plugins, CD and DVD burning software, driver software and lots more. All of the options can be configured via the Settings menu. When you are ready, simply click on the Boost button and the software will do everything for you.

The most interesting feature of Cloud System Booster is its Cloud optimization database. This is a database of user feedback about different programs and system settings that the program uses to create optimization definitions. Whether this is effective or not remains to be seen, but it sure is a nice idea to use actual feedback from real people.

The sad thing is that it’s missing a defragmenter – a must-have tool for any system optimizer.


Cloud System Booster did a really good job at our test system. The cleanup was done in a thorough way and the optimized settings made a difference. What we really liked is that the software created a system restore point when we installed it. This is a necessary precaution and it’s good to know that Anvisoft care about their clients’ computers.

Look & feel

Cloud System Booster’s strong point is its design. It’s sleek, easy to use and highly customizable. All the features are easy to find and there are lots of nice animations that make using the software really pleasant. In addition to that, users can customize its look and feel by using their own images as the program background.

The Pro version

For those who want more features, there is a Pro version of the program. The Pro version costs $19.98 and includes additional features like Mini Cute Mode, automatic updates, and automatic cleanup and repair.

[box]The Verdict: Cloud System Booster is a free PC optimization tool that is definitely worth having.[/box]