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CollageIt Pro for Mac Giveaway and Review

Creating beautiful photo collages is an art that anyone can master, especially with the help of the right software. If you are looking for an awesome and easy to use program to create collages on your Mac, CollageIt from PearlMountain Technology is exactly what you need. And today you can get the paid version. Read on to find out more about the software and learn how you can enter the giveaway. We have three licenses courtesy to PearlMountain and we’ll run the giveaway until September, 1.

CollageIt Pro for Mac Review

CollageIt for Mac is a powerful program for quick, easy and awesome collage making. All you need to do is select a style, choose a template and start adding your photos. There are four styles to choose from: Mosaic, Grid, Center and Pile (I really like the look of the Pile style). There are also more than 45 templates, which gives you enough room for creativity. You can then start adding photos (up to 200).

CollageIt for Mac

CollageIt for Mac


Now you are ready to start doing the fun part. Organize the photos in the collage by choosing the Free Mode or simply use the pre-select Random Mode. The Free Mode lets you do a lot of things – you can resize, rotate and reorganize your photos. Plus you can apply borders, shadows and effects. To cut a long story short, only your creativity is the limit.

When you are done creating, CollageIt offers you a lot of options to save or share your collage. You can share it via email or via Facebook, or save your collage. There are several image formats to choose from including JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and more. You can even save the collage as a PDF.

The Verdict

CollageIt for Mac is ideal for everyone who wants to make beautiful and professional photo collages without learning complicated software.

CollageIt Pro for Mac Giveaway

Review Harbor has three CollageIt Pro for Mac licenses to offer to its readers. You can win a free license by simply following these steps:

  1. Download CollageIt for Mac
  2. Like ReviewHarbor on Facebook (make sure you like the page)
  3. Leave a comment telling us why you want to get CollageIt Pro for Mac

The authors of the three best comments will win. Please make sure that you comment using a valid email address, so that we can send you your license. Good Luck!