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Communicate School Review: a Family-Run English Language School in Manchester

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More and more people start learning English every day. Some download a mobile app, some find an online course, and some find an English language school. As a TEFL teacher, I recommend all of these learning methods, but I must emphasise the importance of finding a really good English language school. Communicate School is a family-run Manchester English school that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Why Is Communicate School Special?

There are lots of great language schools in the UK, but if you want to study and have fun doing it, Communicate School is a great choice. What makes it different is a friendly atmosphere of a family-run school where the managers, the teachers and the students are one big family. The school understands the needs of the students and combines lessons with fun social and cultural activities.

OK, that matters, but what about the team’s qualification? Communicate School is an accredited Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre, it’s accredited by the British Council and ISI. The school has a highly professional team. It offers a variety of English courses such as general English, IELTS preparation, business English, one-on-one tutoring, and more. What I really like about the school is that they have an accent reduction teacher, which is rare because most schools don’t really care about your accent.

Communicate School’s pricing is very reasonable and the school offers homestay accommodation. That’s a great help to anyone wanting to become fluent in English.

The Verdict

Communicate School in Manchester is definitely a school you should consider if you are planning to study English in the UK.