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Counterpoint Review: POS Software for an Efficient Business

A lot of small and medium-sized businesses struggle to find a reliable and intuitive point-of-sale software solution. Some business owners we talked to said that the software systems they used were incapable of integrating e-commerce, point of sale, and inventory management.  This incapability resulted in frequent time-consuming meetings to ferret out and correct errors.  It was a waste of time, personnel, and money.  Counterpoint Software from Soft Intelligence seems to be the POS and Inventory Management system that provides solutions to all these problems.



Counterpoint real-time software is a Point-of-Sale (POS) and Inventory Management system that provides retailers with complete data access, allowing them total control over their business operations.


Counterpoint includes an Inventory Management system, Touchscreen POS ticket entry, integrated customer-loyalty programs, automated purchasing and reporting capabilities. Basically, Counterpoint claims to do it all: manage inventory, track customer buying habits, enhance the ordering process, manage vendors, and lower operating costs. In other words, it makes your business more profitable.

counterpoint point of sale

Point of Sale

Counterpoint fully integrates with cashier stations, allowing cashiers to quickly enter ticket information, and check inventory against special orders. All this data is then automatically sent to the bookkeepers, where it was merged into monthly statements. Since Counterpoint integrates with almost any accounting program, the amount of paperwork the bookkeepers deal with can be drastically reduced. Received Purchase Orders can voucher into Accounts Payable and then be distributed to the General Ledger.

Another advantage of Counterpoint is that it can be integrated with UPS WorldShip and enables companies to receive tracking numbers from WorldShip, even though it requires some initial fiddling. Counterpoint’s features include the ability to manage orders from beginning to end: it enters orders, provides shipping information, and prints invoices. This provides businesses with full vertical integration, which can be astoundingly efficient.

The program is easy to use: there’s a logical thread that travels through the system. This thread makes it possible to play with new features and achieve the desired result with little effort.


Inventory management can be a constant nagging problem for any business. Counterpoint can make inventory management simply by identifying, pricing and tracking everything. This means that the company’s receiving manager will know what was coming in and what was being sold.

One of Counterpoint’s main advantages is that the software automatically adjusts inventory levels to an optimum level. Merchandise is always available, while at the same time it helps to avoid the nightmare of overstock, which generally ends up costing the company money.

Counterpoint users we talked to also told us that they discovered an added bonus: customer loyalty improved. Their customers knew that the company would have what they needed, which gave them even more reason to return. Counterpoint keeps track of every customer: what they buy, when they bought it, how often they return, and to which promotions they respond favorably. With this information, businesses can target customers in a better way.

The Verdict: Counterpoint has a wide variety of specialty features that help businesses to streamline sales, shipping and purchasing, while maintaining a consistent inventory of parts at the same time.