Browse By Quick and Cheap Surveys to Get Marketing Insight

If you run a business that uses the Web to gain customers, then the best way to get information about your target audience is to perform online surveys. That’s not an easy task, because most of the time you will only have access to a limited audience – either people who already use your product or service, or the audience of your partner blog or website. But now you can easily reach all types of users thanks to logo is a new service from Peanut Labs, a company known for their social media market research tools. (pronounced “Crowd Vibe”) is their new service that allows businesses and marketers to get instant answers from a world-wide audience of 50 million people who are users of 200 social networks. Users take part in the survey in exchange for virtual currency, such as Facebook credits and credits for online games, apps, etc. This is a huge, random audience that you can use for a variety of purposes. For example, you can test your new site design, A-B test two versions of your logo, get feedback about your product or service and more.

How to use

Using is very easy and affordable. The first thing you need to do is purchase credits (10 credits cost $1). You then customize your survey and pay for it with your credits. There is a minimum of 100 users per survey, which means that this survey would cost 1250 credits. The more survey participants there are, the cheaper it gets. A survey with 1,000 responses costs $0.90 per response whereas a survey with 100 responses costs $1.25  per response.

crowdvibe select target audience

The next step is to create your survey and specify your target audience. supports multiple choice questions and you can specify the age, gender and other characteristics (more options coming soon). You can select the right demographics for your type of survey because collects demographic information from its users. Once the survey is launched, you will start receiving responses in real time.

The only bad thing about is that you can only post multiple choice or checkboxes questions. There is no option for users to enter their own answers and no “Other: please enter your answer” option. Hopefully, will fix this soon.

[box]The Verdict: even though is still in Beta, it looks like an invaluable service for businesses and marketers.[/box]