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Cut The Rope: Time Travel Review

While some may not find the act of slicing rope to be too appealing on a daily basis, this is the exact principle behind the hit app Cut the Rope. The color physics behind this game have made its main character, a green alien creature named Om Nom, a household name. All three apps, Cut the Rope (iOS and Android), Cut the Rope: Experiments and, most recently, Cut the Rope: Time Travel (iOS and Android), aim to send the past into the future by building on timeless standards for further inspiration. The game is available both on iPhone and Android.

[box]cut the rope time travelCUT THE ROPE: TIME TRAVEL RATING:

OVERALL: 4.5/5

GAMEPLAY: 5/5[/box]

What is Cut the Rope: Time Travel?

The idea behind these games is that the user must get pieces of candy into the mouths of the Om Noms by navigating objects and obstacles that exist within the physics-based structure. Cut the Rope: Time Travel does not deviate far from its predecessors; it is still fundamentally based on a swipe-and-tap approach. However, it does feature one important addition: an extra Om Nom to feed. Not only does the user need to care for the original Om Nom, who is as hungry as ever, but another is pulled from a period of time such as the Renaissance, the Stone Age or Ancient Egypt. However, while new elements are introduced, they do not relate specifically to the area to which you have traveled. It would have been nice for the creators to include time-specific objectives within the levels, but users are enjoying it nonetheless. The app includes six eras in its initial release, each of which requires the user to master unique mechanics in order to proceed across the 90 total stages.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

How to Play

Aside from the additional hungry monster, there are other elements in the levels with which players can interact as they attempt to move candy from its starting position and into the mouths of the creatures. Chains may lock candy and you must use a blade to break the hold, a freeze button can stop any movement on the screen and stop the motion of a track that would be off track otherwise, bombs can send anything within its radius flying across the screen and bubbles can float candy upward. These different elements are introduced to the player gradually and integrated into harder, bigger challenges as the game progresses. While they may not give you a headache, they will definitely leave you scratching your brain, wondering how everything works together.

Overall Impressions

The game is simple enough to pick up and play at any time, but also requires users to devote attention to it to keep the experience from feeling like a mindless game. Each level in Cut the Rope: Time Travel demands that the player make decisions, learn functions or manipulate environments to proceed to the next level. It requires focus and understanding while still feeling like a game. Even when the game seems too challenging, it allows players to cheat by a limited superpower option, thus ensuring that the game will leave you hungry for more. I would give Cut The Rope Time Travel a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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