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DefenderShield iPad Shield Review: Protect Yourself from iPad Radiation

DefenderShield Universal Tablet PC Radiation Protection Case


Functionality & Design



  • Protects from tablet radiation
  • Stylish design
  • FCC certified technology


  • More expensive than ordinary cases

Did you know that your iPad, the very one you use every day, issues radiation? Every gadget issues some sort of EMF that are not as harmless as we like to think. That’s why getting a case that will protect you from potentially harmful radiation is a good idea. DefenderShield iPad shield tablet protection case combines solid EMF protection with a stylish design.


DefenderShield iPad shield protection case claims to offer multi-layer protection against iPad radiation and electromagnetic field. According to the manufacturer, the case successfully blocks virtually 100% of the full frequency spectrum of harmful EMF, including Wi-Fi radiation, Extremely Low Frequency radiation, Cell Radiation and Bluetooth radiation.

defendershield ipad shield

Features & Design

The main feature of DefenderShield iPad radiation protection case is providing the above-mentioned protection. The great thing is that DefenderShield does it with style. The case is a true handcrafted beauty with tender microfiber interior that protects your iPad from accidental scratching and staining.

The Verdict

DefenderShield iPad shield protection case protects you from harmful radiation and makes your iPad look even more stylish. It’s a win-win solution.