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DefenderShield iPhone EMF Protection Case Review

DefenderShield for iPhone 5/5s


Functionality & Design



  • Patent-pending technology
  • FCC certified


  • Price a bit too high

Everybody is aware that cell phones and other gadgets we use on a daily basis are not all that safe. OK, they’re a lot safer these days than they were 10 years ago, but they still have EMF (electromagnetic fields) and they do issue radiation, even though a tiny amount. Anyway, we all know that but we choose to ignore it even though we shouldn’t. If you are an iPhone 5 user who’s concerned about EMF and wants to stay safe, DefenderShield’s case offers solid iPhone EMF protection.


DefenderShield iPhone EMF protection case is a protective case that claims to block 100% of potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation. While you obviously can’t see how it works, it has passed FCC certified lab testing. The technology used by DefenderShield is currently patent-pending, which is another sign that the case does what it says it does.

iPhone EMF protection

Features & Design

DefenderShield’s iPhone 5/5s EMF protection case’s main feature is the protection itself. It’s designed in such a way that it blocks potentially harmful radiation emitted from the front of your phone while protecting the phone from scratches and dust. The case is made of genuine leather and has an elegant and functional flip design.

The Verdict

DefenderShield’s iPhone 5/5s EMF protection case not only looks good, but gives you peace of mind by protecting you from EMF and EMR.