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Delete PC History with FileCleaner for Free

Computers run in such a way that various history files stay longer than you need them. This may seem harmless, but in reality having too many history and temporary files stored on your computer leads to all sorts of trouble. First of all, your privacy is never truly protected until your history files are deleted. These files often contain your confidential information, which means that they are a potential threat. In addition to that, history and other temporary files can take up gigabytes of disk space and make your computer slow. FileCleaner is a utility that will help you declutter your PC in no time. Best of all, most of its features are free.

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FileCleaner is a free PC maintenance application that combines cleanup and privacy protection tools. It includes a junk files cleaner and a file shredder that allows to securely delete confidential information. That’s pretty good for a free application. Let’s have a close look at FileCleaner’s features.

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FileCleaner has everything you need to give your PC a good cleanup. It has an advanced cleaner that can detect and delete things like browser cache, temporary files created by your operating system, instant messaging programs and other common third-party applications. That’s pretty standard stuff that is offered by software like CCleaner, but it’s still great that FileCleaner has it all.

But there is one thing that makes FileCleaner stand out – real-time protection. No, this software is not an antivirus. What it does is makes sure your computer stays clean and doesn’t accumulate clutter over time. If you enable real-time protection, the program will monitor your system and cleanup temporary files and other junk as soon as you close your browser window or an application. This just shows that FileCleaner developers are smart guys and know that it’s easier to prevent problems than fix them.

In addition to the real-time protection feature, FileCleaner has a scheduler which you can use to set the program to run automatically on a daily or weekly basis. This means that you can fully automate PC cleanup if you use both real-time protection and the scheduler.

Another useful FileCleaner feature is a built-in file shredder, which should be used to delete confidential information. I’m talking about old bank statements, copies of your tax returns, old documents containing information about your insurance and so on. Deleting them with a file shredder will prevent anyone from recovering these documents, especially if you use a slower and more advanced shredding method.

Ease of Use

FileCleaner is very easy to use. It has an intuitive and customizable interface – you can change skins to make the program truly personal.

[box]The Verdict: FileCleaner is a handy tool that will help you delete all sorts of history and temporary files automatically in real time. It’s a great alternative to other cleaners and comes highly recommended. You can download FileCleaner here.[/box]