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Design Your Perfect Logo for Free with DesignEvo

Not long ago I asked a designer friend of mine how much she charged for a logo and she said around $200. That’s a lot, isn’t it? OK, you do get a professional work on your logo and brand, you will own the copyright but it’s still a lot. Now what if I tell you that you can design a download as many logos as you like for free? DesignEvo makes that possible.

DesignEvo Overview

DesignEvo is an online logo creation tool from PearlMountain. They are the company behind FotoJet. According to the company, their FotoJet Web app received such good response that they wanted to make something even more valuable for their users. That’s how DesignEvo came to life. The tool is available as a Web app and there are apps for iOS and Android. The free Web version doesn’t even require you to register, which is awesome.

DesignEvo Features

DesignEvo is a very intuitive and feature-rich online image editor made specially for designing logos and other branding. It’s a template-based website, so you don’t need to be a graphic designer or have any skills in image editing. Everything is done using a drag & drop editor and is super easy to figure out.

The templates on DesignEvo are arranged by industry and there are also popular templates you can choose from.

designevo review

When you choose a template you want to edit, a popup asks you to enter your company name and slogan (optional).

designevo popup

Then the editor opens and you can start working on your logo. The editor gives you all the necessary options to change fonts, add/remove icons, edit colors, add gradients, and more. Basically, you get almost everything you can find in professional (and hugely expensive) design software.

When you’re done working on your logo, you can preview it, save it (you’ll need to register for that) or download it. It’s as simple as that.

Plans & Pricing

DesignEvo has thee plans – Free, Basic ($19.99 per logo), and Plus ($39.95 per logo). The free option is good if you want to play around or need a simple logo for your blog. What you get is a 500 x 500 pixels image in PNG format on a white background. The Basic plan gives you more flexibility like options to edit and re-download your logo, a transparent background, and print-ready quality. But the Plus plan is what you need if you mean business because it covers all the features of the Basic plan and gives you the copyright for the image. And copyright is important, hugely important. So I recommend that you get the Plus plan, especially since you can get it with an 80% exclusive discount. It’s worth it.

How to Get a DesignEvo Logo with 80% Off

Easy! Just go ahead and create your logo with the settings you wish. When you click on Download, you’ll get three options. Choose the Plus plan and proceed to payment. Once on the checkout page, click on Redeem a coupon on the left-hand side and enter¬†DEMD55CPS. The price will drop to $18. Hurry up because the coupon code is valid until May 16, 2018!

designevo coupon

Happy designing!