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Displate Review: Buy Unique Art as Unique Metal Posters










  • Unique
  • Durable
  • Free returns


  • No worldwide shipping
  • Pricey
  • May incur high duty fees

If you love art and are looking for affordable art prints to buy online, you’ve probably heard of services like Fine Art America (great if you’re looking for abstract paintings for sale), Society6 and Zazzle. These services are very good (especially Fine Art America), but the art offered there varies in quality because anyone can create a gallery and start submitting art and photos. If you’re looking for truly unique art that passed editorial selection presented in a unique way, check out Displate.

What Is Displate?

To give you a very short answer, Displate is a service that manufactures and sells displates. I bet that now you’re wondering what a displate is. Well, it’s art printed on metal that you can put anywhere in your home thanks to a smart magnetic mounting system (clip on). Displates are of a fixed size 45cm (17,7″) / 32cm (12,6″), very stylish and each displate comes with a hologram and the maker’s signature.


The Art on Displate

The best thing about Displate is the quality of art there. Unlike other services that offer art prints, Displate doesn’t let anyone post anything. All images that are submitted to Displate have to meet specific technical requirements to ensure the best printing quality, plus Displate editors review all artworks for artistic value. Basically, low quality amateur art can’t make it through the editorial review even if the images are OK from the technical point of view. But don’t take my word for it – check out some artists on Displate:

Eliza Donovan (me)

Dagmar Giers

Agnes Trachet

Prices & Shipping

Displate prices vary, but most displates cost between $45 and $55. You get free shipping if you buy at least 3 displates and purchasing one displate plants 10 trees, which is nice to know. Currently, there is no worldwide shipping, but Displate ships to many countries including the EU, USA, Canada and some other countries like Japan, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Monaco, Montenegro, Ukraine and Russia.

The Verdict

Displate is a very cool service. If you’re looking for top quality unique art printed on unique metal canvases, Displate is the way to go.