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Drink Healthy Tea with Healthy Tea Recipes


What can be more refreshing than a nice cup of tea? OK, perhaps not if you’re thinking of tea with milk (although it can be refreshing). I’m talking more about Chinese and Japanese green tea, as well as Asian herbal teas. The Healthy Tea Recipe blog is a great place to read about tea, get recipes for wonderful mixtures, and find out about tea from Thailand.

I’m not a big fan of Blogspot blogs but this one got my attention. I found the link to it on Facebook in a group for mums and I wanted to check it out because:

a) I’m a tea lover

b) I wanted to find unusual healthy tea recipes from countries other than China

The blog has a lot about Jiaogulan tea, which is a herb from Thailand. It’s said to have great health benefits and it’s amazing as cold tea, especially when mixed with other herbs. Imagine cold tea containing Jiaogulan, hibiscus, butterfly pea flowers, and other herbs! Magic.

Healthy Tea Recipes also has some very nice hot tea recipes, so make sure to check them out.

In addition to the blog, the author runs a YouTube channel. So you’ll find some recipes there too. Really good for herbal tea lovers.

So, cup of tea, anyone?