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DropSend Review: Send Large Files Quickly and Easily

If you’ve ever needed to email a large file (I’m talking something like 4GB), then you know that it’s impossible because an attachment of that size won’t fit into the recipient’s Inbox. DropSend is a free service that allows you to email large files without having to worry about attachment size limitations.

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PRICE: Free, other plans from $5/month


DropSend is a service that allows users to send large files from the website in only a couple of seconds. There is no need to register, as the Send form is available on DropSend homepage. But if you need to send large files on a regular basis, you can sign up for one of the plans. There is a free plan for personal use and more advanced plans for power users and businesses.

DropSend review


The main DropSend feature is that it allows you to send files of up to 8GB in size. Here is how it’s done:

  1. You enter the email address of the recipient, your email address, your message and select the file you want to send
  2. The file is uploaded and the recipient gets an email with a download link to the file plus your message
  3. The recipient has 7-14 days to download the file

The file download period increases depending on the plan the user selects.

In addition to the file sending feature, DropSend provides online storage to those who register an account. The free account offers 250MB of storage, which can be used for storing files you send on a regular basis.

DropSend offers five different price plans: Lite (free), Basic ($5/month), Standard ($9/month), Pro ($19/month), and Business ($99/month). Features vary depending on the plan you select. For example, the Lite plan offers only 5 sends per month and 250MB of online storage. But the Standard plan offers 45 sends, 10GB of storage space, Drag&Drop support, and faster upload/download speeds. As for the Business plan, you get a lot more including multiple user support, custom branding, password encryption, unlimited sending, 256-bit AES security and more. You can find out more details about different DropSend plans here.

In addition to the various plans, DropSend has some nifty free tools that will help you upload and send your files even quicker: DropSend Direct, DropSend Outlook Plugin and DropSend iPhone App. All of these tools are available for download from this page. DropSend Direct works on both Windows and Mac, which is really handy as more and more people migrate to Mac from PC.

DropSend Direct is a handy Adobe AIR tool that allows you to connect to your DropSend account directly from your desktop and drag & drop the files you want to send or upload to your online storage. But the best bit is that DropSend Direct can resume interrupted uploads. This is really handy because you wouldn’t want to re-upload a 2GB file from scratch if your Internet connection gets interrupted.

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DropSend Direct


The DropSend Outlook Plugin has the same features as DropSend Direct, but it also offers faster file transfer and integrates seamlessly with your email client.

Ease of use

We found DropSend very easy to use. It was super-easy to send a file from the homepage and using an account is a piece of cake too. Sending a file takes seconds and configuring all the settings isn’t at all hard.

The Verdict

DropSend is a very useful free service that allows you to quickly send large files. Highly recommended.