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DropShots Review: Store and Share Photos with Ease

Update: click here to read our most recent review of the new DropShots.

We all love taking photos and sharing them with friends and family. Some people use social networks like Facebook and Instagram for that, others upload their photos to Flikr and some simply use email, just like in the old days. DropShots is another cloud-based photo and video sharing service that’s worth looking into.

[box]dropshots logoOVERALL: 4.5/5


EASE OF USE: 5/5[/box]


DropShots is a Web-based photo and video sharing service that makes it easy to manage your photos and share them with friends. Unlike Instagram that has similar features, DropShots is not a social network – it’s more like an online backup service for images and videos that has sharing capabilities. This means that DropShots is more private and secure than other services, so it’s best suited for people who don’t want to broadcast their photos Internet-wide.


DropShots doesn’t have too many features, but what it has works well and is easy to use. The service lets users upload photos and videos either using an online uploader or a lightweight program called DropBox (not to be confused with, a cloud backup and sync service) that lets you upload multiple images and videos from your computer. You can create albums to organize your photos by date, time or title.



When you double-click on a photo, you can see its full size version. You can then edit it using DropShots’ built-in editor, rename it, share it via email and blog, and even order prints from the DropShots store.

view photo

View, share and edit your photo

If you use Instagram, then you can import your Instagram photos to DropShots to share them with your friends who don’t use Instagram. When I signed up for DropShots, I saw Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Flikr import buttons there as well, but they turned out to be inactive. That was disappointing, but I guess the good news is that DropShots will introduce import features for all these social networks pretty soon. Otherwise why bother adding the buttons!

iOS users can also download DropShots app from the App Store and upload photos to the service as soon as they are taken. The app includes a Facebook sharing feature too.

DropShots iOS App

DropShots iOS App

Interface and Ease of Use

DropShots is really easy to use. It’s intuitive and you are presented with a getting started page when you sign up. The design is a bit old-fashioned, though. However, the main thing is that DropShots is intuitive, so that even novice users won’t have any problems with it.

Plans and Pricing

DropShots has a free plan that allows users to store no more than 500 photos and upload videos no longer than 2 minutes. Those who want to store unlimited photos and upload longer videos (up to 10 minutes) can sign up for a premium plan that costs $4.95 per month or $59.95 per year or $99 for a lifetime membership.

[box]The Verdict: DropShots is a useful photos and video sharing service that can be used by everyone. It would be nice to have more features that will hopefully be added sometime soon.[/box]

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