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Duplicate Photo Cleaner Review: Find Similar Images on PC and Mac

Finding and deleting duplicate photos can be tricky. Even if you have a duplicate file finder, it will only detect the exact duplicates and won’t “see” any similar photos that you may want to get rid of. After all, who needs several shots of the same subject (like I have from this Christmas when I tried to take a picture of a snowman in the evening. Took about 6 photos and liked only 2 of them. The rest had to go). Anyway, software that can do this is hard to find. We’ve already reviewed Duplicate Photo Finder, but that program is Windows only. So, we’ve found a duplicate image finder that works on both Windows and Mac – Duplicate Photo Cleaner.


Duplicate Photo Cleaner can find similar images based on the level of similarity (set by the user) and it can also find exact duplicates. It’s one of the very few duplicate image finders that comes in both Windows and Mac versions. While there are quite a few programs to find duplicates and similar photos on Windows, the Mac market is still relatively empty. If you keep in mind that a lot of pro photographers and designers use Macs, this program is something they could really use.

duplicate photo cleaner


The first thing you need to understand is that Duplicate Photo Cleaner is specialist software designed to deal with images only. So don’t expect it to have everything plus the kitchen. If you compare it with general duplicate finders, then you won’t find its list of features impressive. But if you compare it with other duplicate image finders, you will see that it has more than enough features and options.

duplicate photo cleaner

The best thing about Duplicate Photo Cleaner is that it can compare photos and other images by content. This guarantees that the results are accurate and that it detects similar images (like that snowman of mine) as well as duplicates (the exactly same image that got copied to different folders). The default similarity level is set to 85%, but you can change it to whatever you like. Setting it to 100% will make the program detect only true duplicates.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner has a preview feature – something that you really need when you are sorting through your photos. With its help you can check the scan results and make sure you are going to delete the photos that you actually want to get rid of. Speaking of which, the program can do more than just delete duplicate images – it can copy or move them to a different folder. Duplicate are displayed in groups (the original image plus all its duplicates), which makes them easy to manage.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner supports popular image formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG, and GIF. But that’s not all – the latest version of the program includes RAW and PSD support, which makes Duplicate Photo Cleaner a great tool for dSLR and Photoshop users.

Ease of Use

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is really easy to use. The interface of the program is very intuitive. You can even drag and drop folders you want to check for duplicates. Even a novice user won’t have any problems with the software.


Duplicate Photo Cleaner has a free trial that allows you to delete a limited number of duplicates. The scans are always free, though, as there is no time limit to the trial. The full version costs $39.95. That’s not cheap, but it’s quite affordable.

The Verdict: Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a really useful program for both professional and amateur photographers.

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