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Duplicate Photo Finder Review: Find Duplicate Images by Content

When it comes to deleting duplicate files, there is no lack of software choice. But most duplicate finders available today are too general and don’t work too well when you need to find specific duplicates. Duplicate Photo Finder is different, as it’s made to specifically target duplicate images.





PRICE: free to try, $39.95 for the full version[/box]


Duplicate Photo Finder is a program that both professional photographers and photography enthusiasts will love. Why? Because it can be of great help to anyone who has a large photo collection and wants to keep it well organized. Every single computer users is bound to have duplicate images on their PC, which means that a good duplicate photo finder will come in handy. But Duplicate Photo Finder can do more than just find duplicates – it can find similar images and offer you to review and delete the ones you don’t need.


Duplicate Photo Finder screenshot

Duplicate Photo Finder

The main feature of Duplicate Photo Finder is its innovative image comparison engine. Like every other duplicate finder it can compare files by name, size, etc. But most importantly, Duplicate Photo Finder can find duplicates and even similar images by content. The program can detect duplicates taken with different exposure settings, different bit depth, different format (including RAW) and even different orientation of the subject. Moreover, it can detect rotated duplicates, which is definitely useful.

It’s features include:

  • Find duplicate photos and similar pictures by photo content
  • Scan for duplicates within one folder, or compare two folders
  • Detect different formats: RAW, JPEG, J2K, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA
  • Select custom similarity threshold to filter out similar matches
  • Preview photos in the built-in photo viewer
  • Sort photo files by various criteria: name, date, size, width, height
  • Delete, copy, move files with a single mouse click
  • Check photos with high or low quality automatically
  • Compact the photo database for a smaller size

Duplicate Photo Finder is invaluable when you need to find and delete low quality shots. I’m talking about blurry images, as well as overexposed and underexposed photos. A traditional duplicate finder will never detect such images because they are totally different files. But Duplicate Photo Finder can do just that because it uses a content-based algorithm.

Another thing that I liked about Duplicate Photo Finder is its customization options. You can adjust the search engine’s sensitivity when you are looking for duplicate photos. For example, if you want to find exact duplicates, set it to 100%. But if you want to include similar images in the search results as well, you can leave the default 95% similarity setting or even lower it.

Duplicate Photo Finder includes a preview feature, which makes the program even more user-friendly.

Ease of use

Duplicate Photos Finder has a very intuitive interface and is really easy to use. All its settings are easy to access and configure. While its design is not flashy or super modern, it’s very functional and user-friendly.

[box]The Verdict: Duplicate Photo Finder is a great utility for everyone who wants to keep his or her photos organised and get rid of low quality duplicates.[/box]