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EaseUS Todo Backup Free Review: An Effective and Simple Backup for Windows

EaseUS Todo Backup Free




Ease of use



  • Fast and easy to use
  • Offers multiple backup options


  • The free edition doesn't support OS transfer to a different PC

We all know EaseUS Partition Master because it’s simply the best and the easiest to use tool for partitioning a Windows disk. But not all PC users know that EaseUS offers really good backup software, Todo Backup, and there’s a free edition that works great for basic backup and restore. Let’s have a look at what Todo Backup can do.


The free edition of EaseUS Todo Backup is a very popular tool for backing up the whole computer and cloning a hard drive. It’s fast, very easy to use, and effective at what it does.

Todo Backup Free review

Todo Backup Free Features

Todo Backup comes in three different editions: Todo Backup Free, Todo Backup Home and Todo Backup Workstation. The free edition is the most basic of them all. However, it has all the features you need to back up your entire system (you should if you haven’t already!).

The great thing about Todo Backup Free is that it backs up your entire system at a given date with all your settings and software. This means that if you ever need to restore, you won’t have to reinstall your OS and applications. Todo Backup will restore everything in just a couple of clicks. You can select what to back up and where to store the backup. It can be an external hard drive, a cloud service you use, an SSD or any other safe destination.

What I really like about Todo Backup Free is that it can do more than just back up your system. You can use it for migrating your whole system to a different drive. Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a Windows 10 laptop that has a traditional HDD and you bought an SSD to make your computer faster. When you install the SSD, you’ll need to migrate your system to it to enjoy the speed boost. That’s where Todo Backup steps in because it will help you move Windows 10 to SSD without any fumbling and reinstalling the OS.

todo backup disk cloning

Perhaps the most important Todo Backup Free function is its support for pre-OS restore. Basically, this means that if your computer ever fails o the point where you can’t load Windows, you can always select Todo Backup from the boot menu and boot your system using the backup.

Anyway, let’s see the app’s key features at a glance. With Todo Backup Free you can:

  • back up your whole system, files, and create a disk image
  • keep your backups up to date with incremental and differential backups where only changes made since the last full backup will be implemented
  • run backups on a schedule automatically
  • create drive clones and migrate your system to a different drive
  • manage and compress backups
  • restore backups quickly and easily
  • recover your system from a backup from the pre-OS environment in case Windows wouldn’t boot

Ease of Use

Even if you’re not too tech-savvy, you won’t encounter any problems when using Todo Backup Free. It has a very clean interface and backing up is an easy to follow step-by-step process. It’s interface looks great on Windows 8 and Windows 10, and Todo Backup supports ten different languages, which is really handy.

The Verdict

EaseUS Todo Backup Free is a great tool for backing up and restoring your files and OS, as well as disk cloning and migration to SSD. You can’t find better backup software for free.