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Easy Duplicate Finder Review: Delete Duplicate Files in 3 Clicks

We all have duplicate files – you, me, and even your computer technician friend. Move the duplicates to an external drive and they become a backup. But if you keep them scattered all over your PC or Mac, they take up space that you could use for better things, make your photo and music albums disorganized and reduce computer performance. Easy Duplicate Finder is a program for Windows and Mac that can help you find and delete duplicate files in just three clicks.


Easy Duplicate Finder is a universal duplicate finder that can find and delete all types of duplicate files. It’s feature-rich, yet very easy to use. Add to that an intuitive and elegant user interface that lets you delete duplicates in three easy steps, great accuracy and blazing speed, and you have your perfect duplicate finder.

Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder


With this program, the possibilities are endless. You can use the simple drag and drop interface to add folders to scan using the default algorithm, run a scan and then delete the duplicates in one click by clicking on Remove All Now. It’s as easy as it can get. And if you get lost for some reason, you can use the Wizard to add folders and the Assistant to manage duplicates.

If you want more control and want to check out the scan results before you delete or move the duplicates, click on the Go Fix Them! button.

You will see files listed as groups – the original file and its duplicates. You can preview each files including videos, songs, documents, photos and so on. You can sort scan results by file types to manage them quicker, and you can select the files you want to delete in one click (if you don’t want to use the default selection) if you click on Modify Selection. There are lots of options to choose from. When you’re ready to delete the files, click on Manage Duplicates and choose to either delete, move or replace the duplicates with a link that will point to the original file.


Scan Results

If you think that that’s all, you are mistaken. Easy Duplicate Finder has lots of configurable settings: you can choose what files types to include to scan and which file types to exclude, you can select between several scan modes, such as a music scan or an email scan, you can set file size limits and even compare files by content for 100% accuracy. Plus there are special scan modes for iPhoto and iTunes.


We tested Easy Duplicate Finder on MacBook Air and both the scan and the removal was very fast. No hanging, no crashing, no errors. File comparison by content took a bit longer, which is OK because that’s how this algorithm is supposed to work.

Ease of Use

Easy Duplicate Finder is so easy to use that even a complete computer novice will have no trouble with it. We believe that it’s the easiest to use duplicate finder available today. Plus it looks great.

Trial Version vs. Full Version

Easy Duplicate Finder is a paid program that comes with a fully-functional free trial. Using the trial version you can scan your computer for duplicate files and delete up to 10 duplicates. Once the limit is reached, the scanning remains free, but you won’t be able to delete duplicate files unless you upgrade to the full version that costs $39.95.

The Verdict: Easy Duplicate Finder is the most advanced duplicate finder we’ve ever come across and it’s definitely the easiest to use. It’s not cheap, but we think it’s worth the price.