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Easy File Shredder: The Easiest to Use File Shredder

There are many ways computer users can protect their privacy – you can install advanced anti-virus and anti-spyware software, use complex passwords, download a custom firewall and even encrypt some files. But did you ever think of protecting your deleted files? The best way to protect your deleted files from being recovered is to use a file shredder.

Why you need to shred files

When you don’t need some of your files anymore, you hit the Delete button and never give those files a second thought. And that’s a big mistake. Did you know that when you delete files they are not really gone? They are either moved to the Recycle Bin or are just marked as deleted. Windows doesn’t actually remove the files until they are overwritten with other files. This means that until new files are saved to the exact same bits of hard drive space, you deleted files can easily be recovered – all you need is free file recovery software like Piriform’s Recuva. This is great when you want to recover accidentally deleted files, but what if someone else manages to get hold of your old tax return or insurance details? That’s why you need to use a file shredder and a disk wiper.

Easy File Shredder – a closer look

Easy File Shredder is a program that makes securely deleting files and shredding free disk space as easy as 1-2-3.

Easy File Shredder




PRICE: $29.95 per PC


Easy File Shredder is a new program from WebMinds, the company famous for their Easy Duplicate Finder. Despite being new, Easy File Shredder has a lot of features other file shredding software lacks.


  • file shredder
  • free space shredder
  • multiple pre-set shredding algorithms
  • DoD support
  • removable media support
  • custom shredding algorithms
  • accidental deletion prevention

Using Easy File Shredder

Just like the name suggested, Easy File Shredder turned out to be very easy to use. It has a very intuitive one-click interface. When you open the program for the first time, you are offered four choices – shred files, shred free space, scan for deleted files or access program settings. You can launch the feature you need by simply clicking on the relevant part of the screen:Easy File Shredder Overview

Let’s try shredding files. Clicking on Shred Files takes you to the new screen that looks very much like the Windows Explorer. Simply browse to the file you want to delete in a secure way and select it. You can also drag and drop the files to delete. Once you’ve selected all the files you want to shred, click on the Start Shredder button and your files will be gone for good.Shred files with Easy File Shredder

That’s it! Your files will be shredded. And if you want to change the shredding algorithm or create your own, simply head to Settings – it’s easy enough.

Shredding free space is equally easy. All you need to do is select the disk where you want to shred free space and start the shredder. The free space of that disk will be wiped clean, while none of your existing files or programs will be touched.

Easy File Shredder comes with a free trial. The trial version is restricted to shredding only 10 files. The program costs $29.95 per PC. Volume discounts are available.

[box]The Verdict: Easy File Shredder is the easiest to use file shredder and disk wiper.[/box]