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Explore Thailand with Chiang Mai Photography

chiang mai photography

Asia has always captivated the minds of many with its beauty, mystery, and culture. If you love travelling, Asia and are a photography enthusiast, then Thailand is a great place to on a photography journey.

When travelling to Thailand, Bangkok and the islands like Phuket and Samui are the obvious destinations. But there’s another place that’s definitely worth a visit. That place is called Chiang Mai and it’s the largest city in northern Thailand. It’s an ancient city that was the capital of kingdom Lan Na from 1296 til 1768. So there’s lots to see and do.The same goes for the whole Chiang Mai province that features stunning natural beauty, ancient temples, and beautiful waterfalls. So you’ll have lots of opportunities to take landscape photos.

But the true beauty of Thailand is the people. Chiang Mai Photography blog demonstrates that very well with its amazing street photography shots. It’s a fairly new blog, but they post often and the photos they publish are really good. It’s also a good place to guest post if you have any photos from Thailand or Asia in general.