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FastMove Review: Move Everything to Your New Windows 10 PC

fastmove review

Have you just bought a new laptop and want to move everything from your old computer to it? If you’re a Mac user, then that’s easy – all you need to do is use Apple’s Migration Assistant (read this article to find out how to do it). But if you’re a Windows user, then things aren’t all that easy if you don’t have special Windows migration software. In this post, I’m going to have a look at FastMove, an incredibly handy and easy to use data transfer app.

How to Move Files from One PC to Another

First, let’s have a look at your file moving options:

  • You could use a USB drive to copy files to and then download them to your new computer
  • You could upload files to a cloud storage service like Google Drive, GigaToolz, and Dropbox, and then download them to the new PC
  • You could create a disk image of your old computer but that’s not an option if the old PC runs 32-bit Windows 7 and the new one is 64-bit Windows 10

All these options are far from ideal because the first two only move files and folders and the third one requires you to have the same OS version on the new PC (which sort of kills the point of getting a new laptop).

Now, Microsoft used to have a tool called Easy Transfer, which they introduced back in the days of Windows Vista, but it has been discontinued and doesn’t support Windows 10. Enter FastMove

FastMove Makes it Easy to Migrate to a New PC

What if you could have one small and lightweight app that could move everything from one Windows PC to another, regardless of the OS version and system type? Well, FastMove can do exactly that. With its help, you can move user accounts, settings, software, drivers, and files and folders from one Windows computer to another. The best bit is that FastMove supports data migration between Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit systems). This means that if you have an old 32-bit Windows 7 computer and you want to move everything from it to a new 64-bit Windows 10 PC, FastMove will do that. Also, FastMove supports online and offline data migration, which makes it a great find.

Let’s have a look at how it works.

How to Use FastMove to Transfer Data

First of all, click on this link and download FastMove, then install it on both PCs, the old one and the new one.

Once it’s installed, open FastMove on your old PC. This is what you’ll get:


Select “Old Computer” and the type of migration you want to perform: online migration if both PCs are connected to a network or offline if you want to copy everything to a disk, and then upload the data to the new PC. If you choose “Online migration”, you’ll get this screen:

old pc online

This info will help you to connect your new PC.

Now go to the new computer, open FastMove and select “New Computer”. Again, online or offline will depend on your setup. If you select “Online migration”, you’ll get this screen:

In most cases, FastMove will detect the source PC automatically (if it doesn’t, just enter the info from the old PC manually):

connect automatically

When all is set up, you’ll get the main interface on both PCs:

start data migration

Now you can start moving your data! To do that, simply select what you want to transfer (users, software, drivers, custom files, favorites, or sync folders locally and remotely), and follow the prompts. If you’re worried about compatibility, then don’t – FastMove will only move compatible drivers and software.

move software

All in all, I found FastMove very efficient and easy to use.

Price and Registration

FastMove is free to try (check it out with custom files and favorites). To use all features of the program, you’ll need to get the full version, which is $29.95 for one license key (valid for two computers).