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Fincher’s Coffee Shop Conversations Will Teach You the Art of Spiritual Conversation

There are countless books that are supposed to teach you the art of conversation and help you become the guru of small talk. Some of the actually provide useful tips that will help you steer conversation. But only one book teaches you how to change idle small talk into something that matters. This book is called Coffee Shop Conversations: Making the Most of Spiritual Small Talk by Dale and Jonalyn Fincher.

coffee shop conversations review

Teach yourself spiritual conversation

“Coffee Shop Conversations” is written for people who want to make a difference and be able to share their faith with the people they communicate with. It’s not a secret that discussing your faith and Jesus with others is not an easy business. There are just too many things you need to consider when sharing your thoughts and feelings on the subject – you need to make sure you are not offending anyone, that you are understood correctly and that you yourself are not misinterpreting your religion and faith.

The book guides you through the difficult point of a spiritual conversation. It teaches you how to move past barriers and develop the subject in a gentle way. You will learn how to grow love and respect towards those who are different and have different beliefs. You will learn how to be more tolerant and more persuasive at the same time. You will also learn how to become a good listener and, most importantly, how to make your own faith stronger. To cut a long story short, this book will teach you how to become a true missionary who preachers with gentle words rather than a weird person who abuses other people, becomes a real nuisance and occasionally bashes people on the head with the Bible. The book will help you bring the good news not only to the person you are talking to, but also to yourself. You will test your own knowledge of Jesus and you will strengthen your own beliefs.

Why is this book so good? Simply because it teaches you how to talk about really important spiritual issues in an easy-to-follow style. It will change the way your friends and family learn about Jesus and it will help you make Jesus more accessible and understandable.

Coffee Shop Conversations: Making the Most of Spiritual Small Talk is available on as a Kindle download and as a paperback.