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Get MacX DVD Ripper Pro for FREE

Do you want to get MacX DVD Ripper Pro for free? I bet you do! Well, today is your lucky day because Digiarty are [highlight]giving away 1,000 copies of MacX DVD Ripper Pro a day[/highlight] for free! Normally the program costs $59.95, so that’s $2 million worth of freebies. The giveaway has started today and it will last until December, 31.

The Software

macx dvd ripper pro giveaway

Amazing MacX DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is a great piece of Mac software to rip and convert DVDs. It supports lots of different video formats, works on Windows and Mac, and is really easy to use. We’ve already written about this program, so you can learn more about it here.

The Giveaway

Digiarty are being unbelievably generous this holiday season. I mean, a thousand copies per day until the last day of December is amazing. So, how do you get your free copy? Easy! Just click on this link and download MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Mac. You will get a .ZIP file that contains your Christmas Edition of the software (.dmg) together with the license key. Simply install the program the usual way and then use the provided license key to register your copy.

Thank you for the wonderful giveaway, Digiarty! And Happy Holidays!