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Get Stellar Super-Saver Mac Bundle and Save 80%

Do you want to get eight super-useful Mac tools for the price of one? With Stellar’s super-saver Mac bundle you can get eight most popular Stellar tools for Mac for just $49.99.  Here’s what’s included: Stellar Drive Clone, Stellar Image Converter, Stellar Drive Defrag, Stellar Volume Optimizer, Stellar Wipe Mac, Stellar Smart Finder, Stellar Drive Monitor and Stellar Drive ToolBox.

This is an amazing deal and you should act really fast because it lasts until December, 31. The link works for the special Windows bundle too, which you can get with an 83% discount.

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Bundle Software Overview

stellar mac bundle

Super-saver Mac bundle from Stellar

To give you a better idea what’s included, let’s have a look at what each tool can do and why you should use it.

Stellar Drive Clone – a drive cloning utility for Mac that lets you create an exact disk image of your Mac drive or volume. Excellent for creating complete system backups.

Stellar Image Converter – an easy to use and fast image converter that lets you convert any image formate to any other image format. Lots of formats are supported and it works really quickly.

Stellar Drive Defrag – an excellent utility to consolidate data on your drive and improve system performance. Compatible with OS X Mavericks.

Stellar Volume Optimizer – a tool to help you fix and optimize corrupted Mac volumes. It can rebuild damaged OS X directories, fix all kinds of volume errors, and verify disk permissions.

Stellar Wipe Mac – protects your privacy by deleting your sensitive files in a way that makes then unrecoverable. A powerful and safe way to securely erase files and folders.

Stellar Smart Finder – a clean and feature-rich alternative to Mac’s Finder.

Stellar Drive Monitor – a robust utility to monitor your Mac’s driver’s status and fix bad sectors on your disk.

Stellar Drive ToolBox – a suite of 14 tools for excellent speed and performance. Includes drive optimization, a duplicate file finder, and other comprehensive Mac drive maintenance tools.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this amazing bundle for your Mac (or Windows) and enjoy ultimate speed and performance.

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