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Glass Dawn: The Adventures of PopNjay Book Review

There are lots of Sci-Fi books about cyborgs out there. And there are quite a few animations, too. This makes it really hard for new authors to create something that not only reads well, but is also a foundation for a fun and interesting animation. Glass Dawn: The Adventures of PopNjay is a book that does exactly that.

Glass Dawn by Randy Stahla

Glass Dawn by Randy Stahla

The book takes you to a planet called Teralon that is living its last days before being destroyed by a crazy dictatorship in a nuclear war. Only one humanoid manages to survive the nuclear Holocaust – Dr. Silane, a scientist who created lots of cools stuff including his loyal three cyborgs and a spacecraft that can has emotions of her own (yes, she’s a woman) and can sense the emotions of others. The story continues in the outer space and then moves to Earth. And that’s when it becomes particularly interesting and fun. You can feel that Stahla knows and loves Sci-Fi. His book has it all – pursuit, a bit of romance, a handy portion of deception and conspiracies, evil dictators and mislead cyborg policeman who finally sees the truth and sacrifices his own life to save the Earth. All this is liberally seasoned with humor and hurt feelings of PopNjay – a cyborg with whom I’m sure I could become friends.


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Glass Dawn is a basis of an animation. Watch the YouTube video and you’ll see that it’s done in an interesting and unique style. It would be great to see the whole film once it’s available.

[box]The Verdict: Glass Dawn: The Adventures of PopNjay is a captivating Sci-Fi book that will have you read it from cover to cover without ever wanting to put it down.[/box]