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HUAWEI E5832 Wireless Modem Review

If you’re looking for a wireless router to act as a mobile WiFi hotspot (also known as MiFi – My WiFi), then the HUAWEI E5832 could be for you.

It works at a distance of up to 30ft and will provide internet or network access to up to five WiFi enabled devices. Read on for a detailed review.

[box]huawei logoHUAWEI E5832 MODEM RATING:

OVERALL: 4.5/5

DESIGN: 4.5/5

EASE OF USE: 4/5[/box]

The design

The WiFi modem looks like a small mobile phone and is perfectly pocket sized. It’s a pleasingly sleek case and feels pretty solid and like it could survive more than a few drops and knocks. The dialing button is located on the right side and gives you the option to manually turn the internet on and off (it’s automatic by default so it’s good to have this choice).

Underneath this are the WiFi/WPS button and power button, which is used to turn the WiFi network connection on and off. You’ll find the Micro SD card slot on the left side.

When you open it up, there’s a 1500mAh battery, which lasts around five hours.

huawei e5832

Huawei E5832 WiFi modem

Perfect for travelling

It’s a really useful piece of kit if you have a few devices (all you need is a smartphone, tablet and laptop) that need to connect to the internet and you travel a lot. It’s small, it’s neat, it’s easy to use, it’s actually a bit of a no brainer if you travel on business a lot.

Setting up the wireless connection

It’s really easy to set it up, with simple instructions to follow. Basically you open the back cover, remove the battery, insert your SIM card, write down the SSID and WiFi key (as you will need them to connect to the network), reinsert the battery and close the case. Turn it on and wait a couple of seconds to start up and connect to the internet. Then you’re ready to connect your devices.

There’s no software to upload once you’re online and you will benefit from download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps.

The price

It’s priced at around £80.00 (you can find it here at Ritesim for £80.00), which I think is a pretty good price when compared against the convenience and ease of use.

[box]The Verdict: getting internet connection while travelling is important to most people, but can be vital to some, so it’s a good piece of kit to invest in.[/box]