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Human Japanese Language Learning Software Review

Learning Japanese is fun, but it’s not easy especially if you don’t have enough time to learn with a teacher and textbooks. Human Japanese is an app that will help you get the hang of the basics of Japanese vocabulary, grammar, writing and provide some valuable cultural insights.

[box]human japaneseEFFECTIVENESS: 4/5


EASE OF USE: 5/5[/box]


Human Japanese is a pretty unique language learning system because it’s, well, human. Unlike a lot of language software that just gives you a bunch of words to memorize and sometimes introduces grammar rules, Human Japanese helps you understand why certain things in Japanese work the way they, provides some interesting notes on Japan and its culture, and is written by a person with a sense of humor. Human Japanese is available for Windows, Mac and as mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Human Japanese has a lot of useful features that will help you learn the basics of the Japanese language – vocabulary, grammar, dialogues, syllabaries and more. Everything is complete with audio files, which makes it a true learning experience.

The feature that I really liked was writing learning guide. The author explained how to write different Hiragana and Katakana characters correctly and in the most efficient way, and the developer added nice animation that shows you stroke order. That’s really important when you are trying to learn Hiragana and Katakana.

human japanese

Human Japanese

Another great thing about this app is interactive quizzes, games and dialogues. They are fun and very useful for everyone learning Japanese.


Human Japanese is pretty effective in terms of covering basic Japanese grammar and helping the student to learn Hiragana and Katakana. However, the method of teaching vocabulary is not the most effective there can be. A lot of words are introduced out of context and not presented in sentences, as they should be. And, to my mind, the app is too heavy on explanations in English – I would have preferred to have more Japanese exercises. Nevertheless, it does a pretty good job. After all, you can’t expect an app to have textbook content.

Ease of Use

Human Japanese is very easy to use. First you need to install the app and then you will be prompted to download the content. Make sure that you are on WiFi or on unlimited data connection because there are a lot of audio files to download.

[box]The Verdict: Human Japanese is one of the best apps to get started learning Japanese. It’s interactive, fun, and includes useful audio files.[/box]