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Invoiceable Review: an Intuitive Free Online Invoicing Service





Ease of Use



  • Free
  • Professional invoicing
  • Extensive features


  • An upgrade to remove their link is costly

If you are a freelancer or a small business owner, you will eventually need various accounting tools. In my case, there came a time when I needed an invoicing solution. My main requirements for the invoicing tool were that it had to be free (as a freelance writer, I didn’t want to pay for a service without being sure that I’d use it regularly) and it had to be easy to use (I’ve never used accounting software before). In the end, I found Invoiceable and I’ve used this service ever since.


Formerly known as Invoice Bubble, Invoiceable is a free cloud-based invoicing service that allows freelancers and small businesses to easily create, send out and export invoices. Despite being free to use, Invoiceable has all the features you may need to send invoices to your clients and get paid online.


Invoiceable Homepage


Invoiceable has all the features paid analogs have. But I’ve found it a lot easier to use than anything else I’ve tried. So, let’s have a look at what Invoiceable has to offer.

Invoiceable does online invoicing and it does it really well. You can send invoices directly to your clients or download them as PDFs and email them. The best bit is that you can send an unlimited number of invoices to an unlimited number of clients. There are no limitations and you don’t have to pay a penny. You can also create recurring invoices, enable payment by PayPal, and create invoices in different currencies. Now that’s what I call a great service.

new invoice

New Invoice

You can also totally customize the look of your invoices and add you own logo. That’s something not all free services would offer.

What I really liked is that Invoiceable also lets you send estimates to your clients (now a premium add-on for £49). Not only does it make things easier, but it also makes you look more professional. A neat estimate with your logo on it looks so much better than your quote mentioned in an email.

Another useful feature of the service is that it lets you manage your clients and projects. You can add all sorts of information about your clients and even create client groups for easy management.


Add a client

Invoiceable does reporting very well, too. You can access and download comprehensive reports on all your invoices and clients from the Reports tab.

Another huge advantage is that you can charge tax. Now that’s something I haven’t seen in a free service before.

And last but not least, one of the huge advantages of Invoiceable is that you can use the service from an iOS or Android device as easily as from your PC. This means that you can access your invoicing on the go. This is really important because it means nothing will slow down your business.

Interface and Ease of Use

What I really liked about the service is that you can track all your clients and invoices in one place. When you log into your account, you are directed to your Dashboard where you can see your recent activity feed, any outstanding balance and the total collected during the current year.


Invoiceable Dashboard

As you can see, I haven’t done any business that required invoicing this year.

From the Dashboard, you can navigate to your invoices, estimates, clients, and reports. There is a separate tab for each, which makes navigation really easy. Let’s go to the Invoices tab. There you can add an invoice as well as track unpaid, paid and archived invoices, resend them to clients, export them, or delete them.

invoices tab

Invoices Tab

As you can see, Invoiceable has a very clean and intuitive interface that makes it incredibly easy to use even if you are an online accounting novice like me.

Upgrade & Premium Features

Hang on, what upgrade? Isn’t Invoiceable a free service? Yes, it is. But they do put a small link to themselves in all your invoices. That’s totally fine with me, so I’m happy with the free package. But if you want to remove this little link from your invoices, then the upgrade cost a one-time fee of £49 (that’s roughly $80). In my book, it’s a lot better than paying $100+ per year for a paid invoicing solution that has exactly the same features.

Invoiceable upgrade

Recently, Invoiceable introduced a couple of more premium add-ons. Now you can use your own domain, so that online invoices will appear to come from your own website. This options costs a one-time fee of £49.

Invoiceable own domain

If you’ve just signed up for Invoiceable, then Estimates will be a premium add-on for another £49 (I have them free because I’ve been a user for a couple of years now). Again, that’s a one-time fee.

Invoiceable estimates

The Verdict

Invoiceable is a truly great online accounting service. It’s feature-rich, very intuitive and free. What more can you want? Highly recommended!