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Invoicera Review: Feature-Rich Time Tracking and Invoicing

Time tracking and invoicing software is essential for all types of businesses, large or small. It’s also a must for freelancers who have a lot of clients they need to manage. While there are a lot of downloadable and cloud-based invoicing apps and services, it’s not easy to find a good one. If all you need is basic invoicing features, then check out our Invoiceable review. But if you need time tracking and advanced invoicing features, then Invoicera is really worth considering.

[box]invoicera logoOVERALL: 5/5


EASE OF USE: 5/5[/box]


Invoicera is an advanced online service that makes dealing with daunting business accounting tasks like managing clients and projects, billing, invoicing and time tracking quick and easy. The service has all the features a business may need and is highly customizable. While other similar apps target solely small businesses, Invoicera can be used by anyone, even large enterprises, because Invoicera can be installed on a company’s own server.


What I liked from the start was that you get a subdomain when you sign up for the service. This makes the service look more professional. And then I was pleased to see that Invoicera was using a secure connection. That’s really important when yours and your clients’ financial information is at stake. When it comes to features, Invoicera has everything that your business may require.


When you log into your account, you can see all your invoicing data for the last six months. The invoices are grouped by their status, such as outstanding, paid, partially paid and so on. The Dashboard also provides instant access to your projects and monitoring your assigned tasks.


Invoicera Dashboard

Client management

Invoicera makes it easy to add and manage your clients. Depending on the plan you sign up for you can add from 3 to unlimited clients. Adding clients is easy and intuitive, and you can even export your clients from an Excel file, which simplifies things a lot. A nice touch is that if you have staff, you can assign clients to a dedicated staff member. If you are dealing with international clients, you can set multilingual and currency exchange rates, so that your clients won’t have any problems understanding and paying the invoice.

Invoicing and estimates

Invoicera has some fantastic invoicing features. You can choose from more than 20 payment gateways to make billing convenient for both you and your clients. You can schedule invoices, configure recurring payments, configure late fees to be charged automatically when a client is late with their payment. In addition to that, you can send your invoices as PDFs.

What I really liked about Invoicera’s invoices was the customization options. There are many templates to choose from and you can customize your invoices with your logo and make them look part of your brand.

In addition to invoicing, Invoicera makes it easy to quickly draft and estimate and send it to the client. Once the estimates are approved, you can easily convert them into invoices.

Time tracking

A time tracking app is a really useful feature if you have hourly rates. Invoicera provides all the time tracking features you may need. You can add projects and log them by the hour and then create invoices based on the time tracking data.


Invoicera makes it possible to consolidate your expenses and then send them out as invoices to your clients. It also allows recording and categorizing your expenses – a very useful feature.

Purchase orders

If you sell goods, then the purchase order feature will come in handy. Invoicera allows you to add purchase orders that contain details such as price, quantity, delivery dates, shipping terms and so on, and attach them to your invoices.

Data backup

Invoicera also acts as a secure online backup service for your financial data.

Ease of Use

Invoicera is amazingly easy to use. The developers of the service made sure that it was as intuitive as possible and that even an inexperienced user could figure out how to use Invoicera really quickly. And you should need any assistance, the FAQ’s section is really good and answers a lot of questions a beginner may have.


Invoicera prices are very reasonable. If you are just starting your business, then you could sign up for the free plan. And if you need to manage more than three clients and need additional features, there are plans for $19.95/month, $39.95/month and $99.95/month.

[box]The Verdict: Invoicera is a reliable and easy to use professional online accounting service that every business could benefit from. Highly recommended.[/box]