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Labeley Review: Create Labels for Free & Print Them Cheaply


Free to design & download

Ease of Use







  • Free to design & download labels
  • Easy to use


  • Some functions are not very intuitive

If you have kids, make your own wine or brew your own beer, or just want to label your household items, you need custom labels. You can always go to Zazzle and order some (by the way, check out my works there), but I’ve found a site that does labels better and lets you create labels for free. This site is called Labeley and it’s definitely worth a visit for those looking to make their own labels.


Labeley is a cool free service that lets you create labels for free and download your designs without having to pay anything. They also offer printing and shipping at reasonable prices, so you have the choice of ordering your labels or finding a local printing service.

Labeley Features

Labeley has all the basic tools you need to design beautiful labels for all occasions. There are different themes – kids labels, general ones, wine labels, and beer labels. Designing labels is very simple – first you select a category:

create labels for free

and then use the design elements Labeley has to offer (backgrounds, patterns, graphics, text, etc.). Here’s what my sample kids’ label looks like:

Labeley design

As you can see, there’s an order form with a price right there if you want to get your labels printed and delivered to your home. I think the price is very reasonable.

Ease of Use

Labeley is quite easy to use even if you’ve never used any design software before. However, there are some small things that make the design process less intuitive. For example, you need to enter text in a box to the left and not in a box that appears on the image. Also you can’t center elements vertically or horizontally – centering them moves them to the exact middle of the design. Nevertheless, these are small things that don’t really matter and can be easily improved.

The Verdict

Labeley is a really nice service that lets you create labels for free, download them, and print them for a small fee if you want to. Highly recommended.