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Learn Like Kids Hebrew in a Month Review

In the old days, learning a foreign language was only possible either in a group or with a private teacher. You had to have lots of books and learning by yourself was very difficult, as tasks like listening or speaking were impossible if you were learning on your own. But everything has changed thanks to the Internet and the world of mobile apps.

Hebrew is a language that is not very easy to learn. If you look for Hebrew learning materials online, you won’t find much. Compared to popular languages like Spanish or French, there are next to none online Hebrew courses. And there are very few Hebrew learning mobile apps that are any good. Hebrew in a Month for Android is by far the best we could find.

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PRICE: $2.00[/box]

Hebrew in a Month is developed by Learn Like Kids, a company that specializes in language learning apps for Android. They have  an app for pretty much any language and the best thing is that they offer both free and paid apps. The free apps will only let you sample three lessons, which is still good because you can learn some important new words and get the feel of the language you are learning.

However, the free app can’t compete with the paid app, which consists of 30 lessons and lets you start learning the language in the way kids do. The effect is achieved by letting you learn in an audio-visual way without referring to translation. When we learn as adults, we always try to translate everything we say, hear or read into our native language. This slows down the learning process, as all languages are different and a lot of things can’t be translated at all. The Hebrew in a Month app bypasses translation and lets you absorb the new language in a natural way.

Interface and ease of use

Hebrew in a Month is very easy to use. All you need to do is download and install the app, then install lesson packs (the app does that automatically – you just have to agree and wait), and start learning. Each lesson presents a number of words and phrases. Each word or phrase comes with a picture that shows you what it means, an audio that lets you listen to the word or phrase said by a man and a woman, and the written word/phrase. Using the app is as easy as tapping on each picture to listen to the word.


Hebrew in a Month lets you learn in a quick and interactive way. You can read the words and listen to them. When you learn all the words or phrases on the screen, you are invited to do a short quiz that checks your memory and listening skills. You can also review each word and listen to its pronunciation on demand.

The only disappointing thing about the app is that there is no translation and no transliteration. This puts some users off downloading it. But if you think of it, you don’t really need transliteration because every single word is pronounced. And you don’t need the translation because the pictures make everything really clear.

[box] The Verdict: Hebrew in a Month is the best Android app for learning Hebrew. It’s comprehensive, easy to use and very affordable, especially when compared to Rosetta Stone’s $300 course.[/box]