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Learn the Secrets of Online Marketing with Fred Harrington

Are you looking for resources to help you learn online marketing, SEO, working online and growing your email list? Well, I’ve found a blog that can help you with all those. The blog is run by Fred Harrington, a successful online marketer, SEO specialist, and freelancer. I rarely recommend other blogs, but Fred’s blog is definitely worth exploring and following. Here’s why.

Fred Harrington is not just another hired freelance writer who rewrites articles published on other blogs to make them appear unique. All his posts are based on his experience (and he’s been in the SEO business for over 12 years now). In addition to that, Fred is a top-rated freelancer on Upwork, so his SEO techniques are 100% proven.

In addition to SEO, Fred is really good at social media marketing, so you can learn a lot from him. His posts about using Instagram bots are particularly good because they bust the myth that bots are tools for spamming people. According to Fred, they do work if you are smart enough to set them up correctly. Bots like the ones he recommends can easily get you hundreds of targeted new followers on Instagram, and that’s for free (using the trial period of a paid app).

So, I highly recommend heading over to right now and subscribing to the mailing list. Not only will you get tons of great tips on SEO, digital marketing, and blogging, but you’ll also get some cool discounts and offers.