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Limited Time iCare Data Recovery Giveaway: Undelete Files with Ease

When you accidentally delete files or have to deal with a corrupted SD cards, the only way to restore your stuff is to use a good quality data recovery program. iCare Data Recovery Pro is such software and we are going to run an iCare Data Recovery giveaway between 17 and 19 of August 2016. So hold tight and come back during the giveaway to download your free copy (courtesy to iCareAll Inc.). And if you’re here and the giveaway is over, you can download the free version. It’s not as versatile as the Pro version and can only recovery 1GB of data, but it’s still a good recovery program.

iCare Data Recovery Pro Features

We are giving away the Windows version of iCare Data Recovery Pro. The app has all the features for successful file recovery on any Windows PC and it supports Windows 10 too. If you’re on a Mac, iCare has a Mac version too, but it’s not available from the website’s home page.

iCare Data Recovery giveaway

Key features:

  • Restore deleted files from hard disks, SSD disks, USB drives, memory cards, etc.
  • Undelete files lost due to drive formatting and accidental deletion
  • Recover files in all popular formats
  • Deep scan technology for advanced file recovery
  • Dynamic disk recovery
  • Windows 10 support

iCare Data Recovery Giveaway

Here’s what you need to do to get a copy of iCare Data Recovery Pro for free:

  1. Download iCare Data Recovery using this link
  2. Register your software using this key: ATRUP-VVWQU-YPEXX-9EYN6-RN5A6-BWVVX-KUGHU-4HKSP-J5BYA-VTEAA

Please note that the license key only works for the special giveaway .exe file you can download only from Review Harbor.