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Linknami Review: a Viral Marketing Service to Connect Brands with Promoters

Promoting your brand is never easy. True, some products and services give the impression of going viral just because they are so cool, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find that there is always an enormous amount of work behind every successful brand or business. You can always hire an in-house promoter to get the word out, or you could make the huge online community do the work for you by promoting your brand to their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media, and to their blog readers. Sounds like magic? Linknami makes this a reality.

[box]linknami logoLINKNAMI RATING:


FEATURES: 5/5[/box]


Linknami is a website that connects businesses with blogger and social media users. It specifically focuses on connecting brands with niche promoters to make the service as effective as possible. Brands can use Linknami to get exposure and promote their products, and sharers and blogger can provide valuable information, coupon codes and deals to their audiences while making some extra cash.


Linknami welcomes three types of users – businesses who want to get the word out, social media users, and niche bloggers. The website is free to use for anyone. Businesses can even get free promotion from social media users who are interested in particular topics and niches. Most of the time the free promotion includes exclusive coupon codes and deals, which means that the sharer gets something in return – building and greater audience and becoming more influenced in the community. But that’s not all, social media influencers and bloggers get paid for their work.

If you are a business, then Linknami is great for creating viral advertising campaigns that have a huge advantage over traditional Web advertising – they look completely natural to your target audience. Basically, your prospective clients find out about you from someone they know rather than a banner ad (nobody trusts banner ads. Plus a lot of users use Ad Blocker add-ons, so banner ads are not as effective as they used to be).

Bloggers and social media users get paid for their services and can either withdraw their earnings via PayPal or spend them on Linknami to promote their own thing.

Ease of Use

The website has a universal sign up area for all types of users. It’s very intuitive and there is a handy FAQs section if you need some questions answered.

[box]The Verdict: is a really handy service that makes viral advertising a piece of cake. It’s effective, transparent, easy to use, and targeted.[/box]