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Battery life is a very important factor. A laptop can have the best technical specs, but if it’s battery life is too short, the laptop’s use becomes very limited. Luckily, it’s possible to make your laptop last longer by getting an extended capacity replacement battery. And is a great place to get one.

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PRICES: 5/5[/box] offers all sorts of replacement batteries that are compatible with more than twenty popular laptop brands. A lot of the batteries have extended capacity, which is very handy for those who have a 3-cell original battery. Getting an extended capacity replacement battery will allow you to double battery lifetime, which is great for those who are frequently on the go. is located in Singapore, but most of the batteries they sell are made either in China or in South Korea. The quality of their products is very high and the batteries are 100% compatible. I know this from experience because I’ve ordered an extended capacity battery from them for my Samsung laptop. The battery is 7800 mAh compared to the 4400 mAh that the original battery offered. So now I’m enjoying more than double battery life. is a useful site for those who have an older laptop. Even if your model isn’t manufactured anymore, you will find a replacement battery for it on the website. The choice offered there is vast and the prices are very reasonable. Speaking of which, has frequent deals and discounts, up to 50% off. Plus they offer free worldwide shipping using Singapore Mail. You can track your order online, which is always handy. accepts different payment methods, including credit and debit cards, plus PayPal. Their customer support is very helpful and can be contacted by email or Skype. Don’t be surprised if their command of the English language is pretty poor, though.

[box]The Verdict: is a great site for those looking for a replacement laptop battery. Their service is reliable and the quality of their batteries is high.[/box]