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MacX DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway

MacX DVD Ripper Pro giveaway

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Easter Giveaway

Easter is a great time for software giveaways because a lot of companies let you get a free copy of their software right from their website. MacXDVD, the manufacturer of one of the most popular video converters for Mac, is currently running a MacX DVD Ripper Pro giveaway. Normally the program costs $59.95, so this giveaway is really worth your attention.

How to Participate in MacX DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway

MacXDVD created a special Easter giveaway page where you can download the full version of the program for free and purchase other software with huge discounts. Here is how you can get your giveaway copy:

  1. Go to MacXDVD’s Easter giveaway page
  2. The company offers 1,000 of free copies every day, so download one if the download is available (if not, check back the next day)
  3. Install the full version of MacX DVD Ripper Pro on your Mac

If you want to learn more about MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Mac, read our review.

In addition to the giveaway, you can get a MacX Easter Software Pack that includes MacX Video Converter Pro, MacX DVD Ripper Pro and Air Playit for $39.95 instead of $134.95.

The giveaway and discount run until April 25, 2014.