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Mailwise Review: A Handy Android Email App


Free with in-app purchases

Ease of Use









  • Great looks
  • Organises email from multiple accounts


  • No POP3
  • Requires advanced privacy permissions

Despite the popularity of social media and messenger apps, email is still a very popular means of communication. According to Justin Jordan, 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Most people today communicate by email at work, at school, between friends and more. And most of the time people have more than one email account, which makes all those emails difficult to manage.

There are many Android apps to read emails on your smartphone. Mailwise is a very handy one that organizes your mailbox and acts as a user’s personal assistant. Mailwise is the solution to get to inbox zero quickly and easily.

Mailwise review


Mailwise takes care of organizing emails in a clean and uncluttered way The app uses an intelligent algorithm that lets it classify your email for you. Basically, it will sort through your email and help you decide which messages are not important. It also makes it easy to find old conversations and responses. And because Mailwise can easily handle multiple email accounts, it makes it very easy to manage all your emails from one place because it will group messages by category and not by account.

Design & Ease of Use

Mailwise has a very clean and intuitive look plus the app removes clutter formatting from emails. This makes the app very intuitive and easy to use, and your emails very easy to read.

The Not-so-Good Stuff

While Mailwise is a really good app in terms of looks and ease of use, there are some things about it that are not all that great. For a start, the app doesn’t support POP3 email. There’s also a disturbing permission that wants you to give the app an option to “read calendar events plus confidential information” and “add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners’ knowledge”. I guess these permissions are there for scheduling purposes, but I’d rather not use this app for corporate email because this may contradict with your employer’s confidentiality policies. It’s OK for personal email, though.

The Verdict

Mailwise is a very handy app with great features and amazing looks. It’s free and there are in-app purchases. While there’s still some work the developers should do, like adding POP3 support, and a permission that some users may not be comfortable with, this app comes highly recommended.