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NetOptimizer Review: Speed Up Internet Connection Automatically

NetOptimizer review

These days, everybody is used to fast Internet speed. We want sites to load in less than a second and downloads to be available almost instantly. Luckily, most places have high-speed Internet and 4G connection. But what if you’re struggling with unsatisfactory network speed even if you’re playing for a high-speed Internet plan? Most likely, your network settings need some tweaking. Enter NetOptimizer.

What Is NetOptimizer and How Can It Help?

NetOptimizer is a lightweight but powerful Windows program that optimizes hidden network settings and parameters. The best part is that everything can be done automatically, in just one click of the mouse.

Here’s how NetOptimizer works:

  1. NetOptimizer analyzes your Internet connection and network settings
  2. You either choose to optimize all settings in one go or optimize individual settings

The program has two modes: Easy and Advanced. As you’ve probably guessed, the Easy Mode is the one-click mode, and the Advanced Mode lets more tech-savvy users optimize and tweak individual network settings.

Now, how can NetOptimizer speed up Internet when the actual speed is determined by your ISP? The trick here is your network settings. When they are not set to optimal values, your computer might be clogging even a fast connection, causing downloads to take ages and websites to load slower. Optimizing these parameters with NetOptimizer will unlock the full power of the plan you’re playing for.

What Can NetOptimizer Fix?

NetOptimizer has all the features to optimize your network connection, speed up Internet, and remove browser junk files. With its help you can:

  • Optimize network settings automatically
  • Optimize LAN and WAN settings
  • Optimize I/O Internet Packet Stack Size setting to match your ISP’s speeds
  • Optimize data caching
  • Increase network efficiency
  • Clean up browser junk

Our Impressions

We tested NetOptimizer on a Windows 10 laptop that suffered from slow download speeds over WiFi. In our test, we used the Easy mode and let NetOptimizer adjust all of the parameters it deemed non-optimal. When the software was done, it asked to reboot the PC, which we did.

The result was amazing – the download speed increased dramatically and web pages loaded a lot faster too.

So, should you get NetOptimizer? Definitely yes! It’s a small app with great potential that can deal with slow Internet in no time!